Secure Internet Access Node

The State Enterprise “Ukrainian Special Systems” is built on modern telecommunication equipment, under current regulatory requirements in the field of technical protection of information.

The equipment of the node is reliably secured against unauthorized access, its round-the-clock service, uninterrupted power supply and maintenance of climatic conditions of operation is provided with a duty shift.

According to the results of the state expertise in the field of technical security, the State Enterprise “Ukrainian Special Systems” has received the Certificate of Compliance for the integrated information security system “ZVID”. The Certificate confirms that the integrated system “ZVID” meets the requirements of the normative documents of the system of technical protection of information in Ukraine with the functional security profile {KA-2, КВ-1, ЦА-1, ЦВ-1, ЦО-1, ДР-1, ДС-1, ДЗ-1, ДВ-1, НР-2, НИ-2, НЦ-2, НК-1, НО-2, НТ-2, НВ-1} and the level of guarantees of correctness estimation of functions realisation of Г2 protection.

The built complex information security system “ZVID” provides reliable protection of information resources against unauthorized access, external attacks and the impact of destructive code.

Tariffs for confidential communication services are approved by the Order No. 420 of the Administration of the State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine “On Approval of Limit Tariffs for Confidential Communication Services” of August 07, 2013.