Prevention and counteraction of corruption

State Special Enterprise “Ukrainian Special Systems” (hereinafter – the Enterprise), recognizing the responsibility for affirming the values ​​of the rule of law and integrity, striving to ensure its balanced development, caring for its own business reputation, to encourage good commercial practice, and in the interests of not only, its employees, business partners, customers declares that its governing bodies, officials and employees in their activities, as well as in legal relations with business partners, public authorities, local governments, other legal entities and individuals are guided by the principle of zero tolerance to corruption in all its forms and manifestations and take (will take) all measures to prevent, detect and combat corruption, provided by law and the Anti-Corruption Program of the enterprise.

The company declares its principled position and condemns corruption as an illegal and unethical way of doing business.

The company seeks to have business relationships with counterparties that support the requirements of anti-corruption legislation and / or business partners who declare zero tolerance for corruption.

The company states that it refuses to encourage employees of business partners in any way, including by providing money, gifts, free performance of work (services) and other, not listed above, which puts the employee of business partners in a certain dependence and aimed at ensuring that this employee performs any action in favor of the Company.

The company makes every effort to minimize the risks of business relationships with business partners who may be involved in corrupt activities, for which a test of tolerance of business partners to bribery, including checking their own anti-corruption programs, their willingness to comply with the Anti-Corruption Program. SE “USS” and include in the agreements anti-corruption conditions (reservations), as well as provide mutual assistance for ethical business activities and prevention of corruption.