Integrated Information Security System (IISS)

“Ukrainian special systems” have the necessary permits for the establishment of IISS enterprises, institutions, organizations, regardless of ownership.

IISS is one of the main activities of USS. The company’s specialists have extensive experience in the field of technical and cryptographic protection of information, experience in designing and creating IISS in information and telecommunications systems of varying complexity. In addition, specialists of the USS took part in the most important projects of the IISS for our country.

The calculation of the cost of creating a IISS in your organization is based on the results of a preliminary survey.

The main stages of work in the construction of IISS of your organization:

Preparation of organizational and administrative documentation;
Survey of the Customer’s information infrastructure;
Development of the “Information Protection Plan”;
Development of “Terms of Reference for the creation of IISS”;
Development of “Technical project for the creation of IISS”;
Bringing the information infrastructure in line with the “Technical projects for the establishment of IISS”;
Development of “Operational documentation on IISS”;
Implementation and testing of IISS;
Carrying out of the state examination of IISS and reception of the “Certificate of conformity”;
Support and service of IISS;
During the development and implementation of IISS “Ukrainian Special Systems” offer the use of both a standard information security subsystem and information security subsystems, which will be developed individually for the information and telecommunications system of your organization.